CCG Members and Consultants

[Berry, Daniel]
[Borg, Jr., Mark B.]
[Brenner, Grant H.]
[Dalla, Jr., Michael R.]
[Garrod, Emily]
[Hampton, Ronda L.]
[Magnetti, Eugene A.]
[Miyamoto-Borg, Haruna]
[Swartz, Marlene]
[Zunkel, William J.]

Mark B. Borg Jr. PhD

Dr. Borg is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. He was trained in psychoanalysis at the William Alanson White Institute for Interpersonal Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology. He holds a PhD in clinical and community psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Borg began developing theories on community intervention and organizational consultation while working in South Central Los Angeles in the wake of the 1992 riots, where he was part of a crisis intervention team of community practitioners. His work in South Central Los Angeles was awarded a Congressional Commendation.

Recently, he has spearheaded community interventions and organizational consultations such as:

  • an organizational consultation with the tertiary education system of South Africa
  • a community intervention with a homeless community through the Educational Alliance in New York City
  • an organizational consultation with the Women's Prison Association
  • a community intervention for a catholic church community of Chinese immigrants in New York City and an organizational consultation with that community's church administration
  • a community intervention for traumatized group of post-September 11th workers from a Manhattan credit union
  • an organizational consultation with SAGE (an eating disorders program)
  • an organizational consultation with ARTS anonymous.

Dr. Borg co-founded The Community Consulting Group in 1999, a consulting firm which trains community stakeholders, local governments, and organizations to utilize interpersonal psychoanalytic methods in community rebuilding and revitalization. CCG has been recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) for its work in promoting community crisis intervention techniques for at-risk communities. He is a co-founder of CCG's Collaborative Mental Health Initiative, which provides long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to people with Mental Health Disabilities, people dealing with life transition and adjustment challenges related to aging , and people dealing with chronic physical health problems.

Dr. Borg has presented CCG's theories conferences throughout the United States, and internationally in Canada, Israel, Chili, Ireland, and Norway. He has published numerous articles on community intervention, organizational consultation, and psychoanalytic therapy. His writing includes a unique focus on using an understanding of community dynamics in individual therapy, and practicing community intervention informed by an understanding interpersonal psychoanalysis and cultural theory.


Michael R. Dalla, Jr. MA

Michael Dalla holds an M.A. in Industrial and Organizational psychology with an emphasis on small business succession planning and diversity management from the University of New Haven in Connecticut and a BS in behavioral psychology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was a Registered Social Worker in Michigan while conducting behavioral therapy with emotionally impaired adolescents. He honed his practices in behavioral psychology while working in various psychological treatment settings and integrated them into business theories as an International Trade Instructor for the China External Trade Association (CETRA) in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Mr. Dalla is co-founder of the Community Consulting Group, has co-authored articles on community intervention with Dr. Borg, participated in a community intervention with Dr. Borg and a team of community practitioners South Central Los Angeles in the wake of the 1992 riots, and participated in a community intervention with a homeless community through the Educational Alliance in New York City.

Mr. Dalla is Managing Director of Urban Sensor, a market research and promotions company partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide Real Time Consumer Insights. He resides in San Francisco and conducts research abroad.


Emily Garrod PhD

Emily Garrod, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in New York. She specializes in trauma and provides group therapy for sexual abuse survivors. She is also a Psychotherapy Supervisor for psychiatry residents at St. Vincent's Hospital, an Associate Professor-Adjunct at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and is affiliated with the William Alanson White Institute for Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Psychology. She has extensive experience working with violent offenders in the prison system. Previously she was Chief Psychologist for the Metropolitan Detention Center and a staff psychologist for the Metropolitan Correctional Center, both in New York.

Dr. Garrod holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University and a BA in Psychology (summa cum laude) from San Francisco State University. At Yale University she was a psychology intern at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, coordinating treatment for adolescents and young adults, and a Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow at the university's health department, providing psychotherapy and psychological testing to undergraduates. She is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Garrod has co-written articles with Dr. Borg on community intervention and spearheaded CCG's intervention with SAGE, an eating disorders program which she also founded.


Daniel Berry

Daniel Berry has practiced as a registered nurse in New York City since 1987. While pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, he was a Helene Fuld Fellow to the International Cancer Congress in Budapest in 1986.

Mr. Berry has worked primarily in the not-for-profit sector with agencies whose focus is on designing and managing care in families affected by terminal illness; HIV disease; psychiatric illness; addiction; and homelessness. He currently works under contract with the New York State Department of Health as a certified surveyor and investigator, evaluating long-term care and services for persons and families affected by this catalog and other issues.

Mr. Berry's private life mirrors his professional interests: he has been active in community organization and advocacy in New York City's Lower East Side since the early 1980s. In addition, he is active in support and advocacy for independent news media outlets; and is an active supporter of socially progressive Episcopal and Hebrew congregations in New York City.


Grant H. Brenner MD

Dr. Grant H. Brenner is a licensed psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. Dr Brenner is affiliated with the William Alanson White Institute for Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry, and Psychology. He is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and is National Volunteer Lead for Disaster Psychiatry Outreach and Clinical Advisor to the PERCS program for September Space. His clinical interests include individual and group psychotherapy from a Interpersonal Psychoanalytic perspective with special focus on experiential work, with an emphasis on trauma and loss as well as negotiating life transitions and pursuing individual growth, as well as General Adult Psychiatric management of anxiety disorders, depression and other major areas of clinical interest. His theoretical interests include examining traditional Psychoanalytic assumptions in the context of modern cultural evolution and developing integrated models of psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and nonlinear dynamic models of human psychology, as well as developing integrated models of psychoanalysis and biological treatment with an emphasis on preserving individuality and freedom.

Dr. Brenner is spearheading a collaborative relationship between Disaster Psychiatry Outreach and CCG to hone the former's outreach to traumatized groups.


Ronda L. Hampton PhD

Dr. Hampton is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in multicultural/community mental health from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles in 1998. She received her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on career and academic guidance at the University of La Verne in 1993. Dr. Hampton's research interest is in the area of multicultural counseling and she has presented her research findings at several psychological conferences. Dr. Hampton frequently provides multicultural/diversity training to psychological interns and professional psychologists. Dr. Hampton has worked primarily in the public sector serving underserved and low-income individuals in both the traditional psychological setting, as well as in the community as an outreach worker. Dr. Hampton is currently in private practice with a primary focus on treating the chronically mentally ill and geriatric clients. She is also part-time faculty at National University where she teaches undergraduate psychology courses and continues her interest in multicultural/diversity issues by conducting ongoing research with several of her students.

Dr. Hampton was intensively involved in a community intervention with Dr. Borg and a team of community practitioners South Central Los Angeles in the wake of the 1992 riots, and now serves as a consultant to CCG from her home in Los Angeles.


Eugene A. Magnetti

Gene Magnetti has 30 years of sales, marketing, and consulting experience. He has held sales and headquarters marketing positions at Xerox and Exxon in office technology and was a principal in an IBM Business Partner start-up. Gene has also been Senior Vice-President of a Wall Street mutual fund and investment advisory firm. His skills are reflected in his diverse experience in large and small businesses in the public and private sectors, in both line management and consulting roles. He has conducted numerous seminars and trade show presentations on using the Internet for business expansion, and is an e-Business Instructor at the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the SUNY Westchester Community College. He holds a BA in Marketing from Pace University, is a graduate of the William Alanson White Organizational Consulting program, and was a founding member of Cogent Resources.


Haruna Miyamoto-Borg

Ms. Miyamoto-Borg is a licensed clinical social worker in New York City. She holds a Masters degree in social work from New York University. She was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, and currently has a private practice in Union Square. She also applies body-mind theory in treating psychological symptoms.

While studying psychotherapy at School of Social Work, New York University, she worked at Hospital for Joint Diseases, Chronic Pain Clinic. There, she was trained in providing individual as well as group psychotherapy for people who were affected by chronic pain conditions. Her clinical experience at Chronic Pain Clinic led Ms. Miyamoto-Borg to apply body-mind techniques in treating emotional distress such as anxiety and depression.

Ms. Miyamoto-Borg has primarily dedicated her clinical work for the not-for-profit sectors after graduating from New York University in 2003. She worked for the Center for Urban Community Services — the largest Non-Profit Organization serving the homeless population in New York City — for five years. In this position, she worked with people who were affected by chronic and severe mental illnesses, substance addiction and dependency, HIV, poverty, and social injustice. Her work involved providing individual and group psychotherapy to her patients as well as assisting them in their return to community life.

Ms. Miyamoto-Borg was also trained in group psychotherapy at Center for Group Studies. She applied her training in group psychotherapy to her work at Center for Urban Community Services and provided various group work for people with severe mental illnesses. Support group for people in the shelter system, psychoeducational group for victims of domestic violence, etc., are the examples of Ms. Miyamoto-Borg's work.


Marlene Swartz CSW

Marlene Swartz's two decades in theatre and film paved the way for her current consulting and psychotherapy practice working with actors, writers, painters, filmmakers and other creative artists. Ms. Swartz, who is the founding artistic director of Soho Rep and the co-director of Blue Man Group's Tubes, is also president of Story Conference, a consulting service that helps playwrights and screenwriters strengthen the dramatic potential in their scripts.

Ms. Swartz is also a therapist in private practice in New York City. She works with individuals, couples, and groups focuses not only on the patient's current complaints, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or difficulty in relationships, but also on self-imposed barriers to success, ways to depersonalize rejection, and strategies for dealing with interpersonal difficulties that may be interfering with the artist's ability to work creatively.

Ms. Swartz is the Director of Programs for United Concepts, a pilot program for the CCG, and she has participated in a CCG community intervention for traumatized group of post-September 11th workers from a Manhattan credit union.


William J. Zunkel

Mr. Zunkel is a veteran banker, dealing with banks for over 30 years that have required consultation, and managing banks that required major changes in order to ensure survival. In this connection, the majority of his efforts have been directed toward informing directors and federal banking regulators of steps necessary for all stakeholders to benefit. Usual stakeholders were shareholders, boards of directors, management, and the institutions’ clients.

Mr. Zunkel has participated in the Avalon Gardens study of consequences of the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots, sponsored by the California School of Professional Psychology, and referred to in Dr. Borg's qualifications statement. He received a Certificate of Appreciation from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, representative for South Central Los Angeles. He was Director of Economic Development for the Avalon Gardens Men's Association. He is a member of the management team of CCG Consultants.

Mr. Zunkel brings to the team a career lifetime of practical experience in working with stakeholders of any client. In other words, achieving actual implementation and communication with the client on a day-to-day basis, in a leadership position within the institution. This practical ability is coordinated with CCG Consultants in order for the stakeholders to participate within the customary roles of those stakeholders, assuring practical implementation of the engagement.

Additionally Mr. Zunkel has been involved in business in South Africa since 1970. This experience is varied, and began with changes necessary for Barclays Bank Dominion Colonial and Overseas to organize itself in order to change status and gain independence from being branches of a London-based parent, to become the largest independent bank in South Africa. More recently, Mr Zunkel joined with Dr. Borg as consultant to Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, whose mostly white enrollment of 15,000 students ten years ago is now a multi-racial enrollment of 70% black, 20% Indian, and 10% white students. This represented a major change in stakeholders — university trustees, faculty, and students.

Mr. Zunkel brings considerable practical experience to CCG Consultants.