CCG's COLLABORATIVE MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE provides long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to people with Mental Health Disabilities who have Medicare coverage (with secondary coverage such as Medicaid, ADAP, etc…). The Collaborative Mental Health Initiative also works with people dealing with life transition and adjustment challenges related to aging and chronic physical health problems.

Practitioners are licensed psychotherapists who work as a part of a wider system of resources for clients by providing not only individual treatment, but collaborative relationships with other service providers in the client's life. Therapists collaborate with group homes, psychiatric hospitals and clinics, mobile crisis units, other support services, and-most importantly-with clients to develop and implement comprehensive treatment planning and continuity of care.

CCG recognizes that people with government subsidized health benefits are often overlooked by mainstream, private practice mental health providers. We address this problem by providing high quality treatment by well-trained and experienced clinicians. Psychiatric consultation is also available for medication management. The collaborative mental health initiative operates as a "clinic without borders" by providing comprehensive treatment in participating clinicians' private practices.