Group Process Consulting for organizations and communities in crisis because they are having difficulty accomplishing the task they must perform if they are to survive

Recreating Communities: Mission and Program

The Community Consulting Group's (CCG) mission is to foster change in the community and its members by establishing an ongoing process of relationship-building, identifying and assessing assets and problems, and helping community members create their own solutions to community problems.

CCG practitioners strive to develop deep insight into the dynamics that underlie community life. We work collaboratively with community stakeholders to convert these insights into strategies, whose implementation will have a substantial impact on the health of the community or organization.

CCG's program uses a multi-systems revitalization and prevention approach geared to help communities, organizations, and their members develop and maintain viable resources in their lives and within their communities. CCG helps groups address the real and problematic circumstances in their environment by emphasizing the formulation of collaborative solutions among community stakeholders. The CCG model can effectively address a range of issues, such as community trauma, community identity and cohesion development, and breakdowns in corporate core values systems.

Community Revitalization:
Collaboration and Training

CCG works collaboratively with community and organization stakeholders to develop and implement forums and training opportunities for people to come together to discuss the issues they face in their community. Within this framework, participants are encouraged to express their concerns and share their experiences. Stakeholders will work along with community practitioners to develop solutions designed to meet the needs of people in the community. This includes, but is not limited to: assessing needs, listening and discussing issues, increasing awareness, investigating solutions, developing programs, and taking action.

As community members grow to become more confident in their abilities to collaborate on community problems in living, they will then become empowered to change their communities through organization, action programs, or involvement in corporate or public policy. After guiding a self-sustaining process of positive community change, the CCG team becomes obsolete. Ultimately group members will function autonomously to determine their priorities and solutions, and pass on the process of individual and community healing to the next generation.

Personal Transformation: The Individual

CCG's primary aim is to promote and sustain healthy interpersonal behaviors. Difficulties in interpersonal functioning can prevent people from achieving their community and individual goals. An individual's style of relating to others can negatively impact interpersonal relationships within his or her group or community. CCG uses education and self-awareness to help individuals modify and reconstruct interpersonal behaviors in order to create a new, more supportive social environment.

Lasting Change: The Environment

The main purpose of CCG's intervention program is to provide cost-effective interventions that are based on the assumption that it is not only the individual person, but also the social environment that needs to be treated. The factors that contribute to dysfunction and conflict are often found in the environment. Thus, CCG's program focuses specifically on the environmental factors that keep people and communities from achieving physical, emotional, social, and economic health. CCG encourages individuals to craft their own solutions that will lead to change and growth within their community.